New Bogie D class van model announced

Orient Express model shop in Adelaide recently announced that it is to produce the South Australian Railways  bogie 36′ long D class louvre van..   This model will complement their existing ready to run models that are already on the market and include the bogie M class box car, the bogie O  and Ob classes of open wagon, the four wheel OBf  and Of open wagon and the four wheel Dwf louvre van.  Also announced is their new series of ‘billboard” M class boxcars which will be released as a series of limited runs over regular periods of time.  For further information, see their web site at

End of the Line Hobby shop in Victor Harbor have released a great series of concrete water tank kits based on various prototypes used by the South Australian Railways.
The masters for these have been prepared using 3D printing technology. The models are in both HO and N scales.   Also recently released is a kit for the radius roof version of the South Australian Railways bogie horse box.   For further information, see their web site at