This web site has two purposes.

  1. To promote the annual “Modelling the Railways of South Australia Convention” which to date has been held in Adelaide on the second Saturday of September.
  2. To promote the hobby of Model Railways in South Australia in general and to promote the modelling of things South Australian in particular.

All of the information on this web site has been prepared by Hugh Williams. Any views expressed are therefore his and not necessarily those of the group of people who get together to prepare the “Modelling the Railways of South Australia Convention”.

Photo of part of the Naracoorte Station area on the late Lindsay Baker’s layout which is now on public display at Naracoorte Mill Museum. Entry into this Museum can be made via the Naracoorte Information Centre.  See the Links page for more information.
Photo of part of the Mt Gambier station area on the late Lindsay Baker’s layout.  Perhaps not quite as much rolling stock is on display as is shown in the photo.  Layout on public display at the Naracoorte Mill Museum.
Model of Coffee Pot in 4mm scale built by Frank Kelly.
Model of SAR loco No 1 made by Frank Kelly in 4mm scale