Orient Express models announce that their next model will be an SAR “Centenary” passenger car

Orient Express hobby shop have announced that their next injection molded ready to run model will be of the South Australian Railways “Centenary Style” passenger car.  The particular car being produced is a former “Glenelg Railway Company” passenger carriage which has 16 windows on each side of each car. Of the four versions which are being produced, two will be green and cream and two will be the typical SAR red/brown colour.
A baggage car and a passenger car will be offered in each colour.  An unpainted pilot model is already in the shop window.

These carriages will be an important addition to the Orient Express range which already includes two types of bogie box car including the M class van and the D class louvre van, the bogie Ob class open wagons, the four wheel Obf class open wagons and the four wheel Dwf wooden louvre vans.  Orient Express are currently producing a series of about a dozen different “billboard” boxcars”, all of which are based on the M class series of wagons.


End of the line Hobby Shop at Victor Harbor continues to stock a large range of cast buildings, locos and rolling stock of their own brand and this range is being added to all the time.  For modern day modellers, as at January 2016, the shop had in stock about 30 different Australian diesel locos, (including different colour schemes).  These are all high quality diesels with RP25 wheel profiles and KD couplers.

If in South Australia and interested in model railways, these two shops are definitely worth a visit.